Teleportation: will it be possible?

Let’s say that it might actually look weird or impossible. But let’s also say that 500 years ago, it was the same for flying or that before Galileo, the scientific community was convinced about Aristotelic-Ptolemaic’s geocentric model.

The reply to the initial question is actually NO, but there are some considerations that we can bare in mind.

Until there is evidence to the contrary, we are data, information contained in our genes. If we look at human beings from this point of view we can reformulate the question into two others:

  • How could we extract this information?
  • Once the information is extracted, how could we transfer it?

I want to focus on the second. Apparently transfering information from one point to another one is not impossible; in fact we send messages every day, from different parts in the globe.

Suppose that we have sequenced our genome and we are ready to send it from Ireland, where I’m actually living, to a point B,California, just because it is a bit warmer and I would swim. Imagine a laboratory in Ireland in which extracted data is sent to a laboratory in California in which there is a primordial soup where data is processed. Now there are other 2 considerations that we should bear in mind:

  • Is our conscience, our inner being teleportable?
  • The No-cloning theorem, according to which it’s impossible to create an identical copy of an arbitrary quantum state, much less for a classical state

Feel free to answer to the first question, I won’t reply, just because there is no scientific evidence about it and also because I’m here to make you ask yourself questions.

About the second in the University of Geneva, researchers have successfully teleported the quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometres of optical fiber beating the previous record of 6 kilometres achieved 10 years before by the same university.

There are a lot of open questions, questions without answers. What is certain is that the phenomenon of teleportation is fascinating and inspiring.. sorry but I have to go, California’s lab is waiting for me.


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